Monday, August 31, 2009

Loving Nature.

Sketchy ride up the canyon,
and little creatures surrounding us everywhere.
Don't ask me why I came up with the great idea of camping,
Maybe I was just craving some tin foil dinners and some delicious smores.

I wasn't much help starting the fire.
So I just observed instead.
I'm really good at that.

At this moment,
I had realized how much I'm not an "outdoorsy" kind of girl.
Let's just say I couldn't have survived as a pioneer. head lamp.

You know your jealous.

Who knows if Jon will ever take me camping again,
but what should he expect?
I'm an Emery.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'd probaby cook more if..

My kitchen looked more like this..

It's wishful thinking.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Watch out Beckham.

You better believe that this little buddy..

Scored 4 goals at her FIRST soccer game!!

Jon and I missed the game,
but we won't be missing another.

Do you blame me for bragging?

(Thanks for letting me steal your pics off your blog Ash)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Celebrating... again.

Who says you should only celebrate your birthday on only one day of the year?

Might as well start off the 2nd day of celebration with breakfast & flowers in bed.
Not too shabby.

Later in the afternoon,
we visited our family,

don't ask?

& then gorged ourselves at Teppanyaki's.

Thanks again everyone for such a great birthday!!
It's going to be hard to top the celebrations next year,
but I'm looking forward to it.

Golden Birthday

Spending time with my favorite person..

plus eating at this amazing restaurant..

calls for an Amazing birthday.

He even pulled through with the scarf.
At least this blog is good for hinting to the hubs for some wanted surprises.

Dear Madi,

You sure were one great dog.
So playful, and full of energy.
Not to mention you got into plenty of trouble.

Little Fish bug loved giving you little pat-pat's,
which soon turned into pinches.
Thanks for never biting him back.

Hopefully there are plenty of cars up in dog heaven for you to chase after,
and of course chew on their tires.
You will be missed,
but we will soon see you again.
(Hopefully without the allergies)

The Galbraiths

Friday, August 21, 2009

Help Wanted?

Well to get straight to the point..
I'm on the hunt for a new job,
once again.

I'm open for any ideas.

The End.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love this.

Dear Cinderella,

Thanks for the lollipops that were the size of our heads.
I wish you would have picked a better flavor,
and maybe something a little less sticky.

Fish doesn't understand the concept of licking,
so all of his teeth are now broken.
Not to mention my 9 cavities.

Maybe next time you should send me a princess hat or some mickey ears,
or something that will keep me entertained longer than 3 min.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anniversary Uno.. Part IV

On our last day we slept in,
walked around Gas Lamp District,
enjoyed chocolate covered strawberries,
spent some birthday money,
and caused a scene at the car rental place.
It got a bit intense.

We had so much fun all weekend long,
but we were obviously ready to come back home.

I still can't believe it has already been a year,
but we couldn't be happier.
Many more anniversaries to come.

I love you.

Anniversary Uno.. Part III

Day 3 we headed over to the happiest place on earth,
also referred to as Disneyland.

We got the park hopper pass,
so we made our way over to California Adventure first thing.

A Bug's Life

Jon got soaked on the white rapids ride
at least he is still smiling.

We also went on the Tower of Terror,
but regretfully we didn't take any pictures of this event.
I think Jon wanted it out of his memory as soon as possible.
He hates those kind of rides,
and totally screamed like a girl.

Star Tours.

I'm pretty sure I screamed on every single ride.
Ha, I'm somewhat pathetic.

This one is for Heather.
First time, and most definitely my last.

I'm not sure who is more excited..
me or my friend behind me?

It's a small world after all..
Jon of course thought this ride was a little creepy,
but by the end of it he was singing along in Spanish.

and at last..
we waited in line for almost 2 hours,
even though the sign said the waiting time was 60 min..

and this is what it left us with..

a grumpy husband that was soaked, again.
I'm pretty sure we wont be going on Splash Mountain again anytime soon.

Anniversary Uno.. Part II

The 2nd day in San Diego was our actual anniversary,
so we started off the day going to the San Diego Temple.

It was our first time going to the San Diego temple,
and it is one of my favorites.
I couldn't believe how jam packed it was with people.

We then went to In N' Out for lunch.

After we could walk again after stuffing our faces,
we went to catch some rays at Mission Beach.

Jon's sweet farmers tan.
Of course he didn't listen to the wife, and looked like a lobster by the end of the day.

We then finished the night with dinner at Rockin Baja and Lobster.

I'm just happy we made it there alive.

and this picture was taken while riding on the back of the bike carriage,
just moments before getting ripped off.
Thanks European driver.

Anniversary Uno..Part I

Over this past weekend Jon and I got to spoil ourselves in San Diego
to celebrate our big 1 yr. anniversary.

Our first day consisted of waking up at 4:30 am to catch our flight..
and let me just remind you that I'm NOT a morning person.

Once we arrived,
we got our rental car..

this lovely PT Cruiser.
We named it the Silver Bullet.
No further comment.

We then arrived at Sea World,
and let's just say it exceeded all of our expectations.

SHAMU.. SHAMU.. Splash, Splash
I had been chanting this all week just so I was fully prepared.
The crowd loved it!

Jon even got a little too excited.

I got yelled at for lifting the star fish out of the water.
Hopefully it is still alive.

I was a little nervous at first..
then saw all the 3 yr old's around me touching the bat ray's like it was no big deal.

Not so cute..

Ash does this little buddy look familiar?

Jon's favorite animal of the day.
He honestly could have sat there for hours.
Not even exaggerating, unfortunately.

Not too happy about our lunch selection.

The Dolphin Stadium

My favorite part of the day was when Jon totally fell for the dolphin act where the mom falls into the water.
He had no idea she was actually a trainer.
I think he stopped breathing for about 30 sec.
Once again,
not exaggerating.

My personal favorite.

Budweiser Horse.
The biggest thing ever.

Of course everything couldn't have gone perfectly smooth..

we ended the day with a flat tire.