Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Absolute Chaos..

If Jon and I survive the next two weeks I will be quite impressed.

We have to move three people, including ourselves over the next couple of days. Never thought I hated packing as much as I do. Let alone the deep cleaning that still has to be done. Oh.. and yes, we are still trying to get everything done at the parentals with the remodel. Never Ending. Why did we ever offer to help? (Oh wait, I remember.. we didn't want to risk letting a certain someone paint all of the cabinets forest green.)

Can't forget that we need to get everything else ready for the Golden Child to return. Did I mention I'm still trying to get through my 200 emails that were waiting for me from the Memorial Day Break??

It's all right.. I'm willing to admit this is a total "sympathy needed" post.