Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Official.. He's going to JAMAICA!!

DJ opened his call last night with family and friends, and discovered that he will be serving his mission in Kingston, Jamaica come June 10, English Speaking (well sort of.. it takes about 3 months to catch on to their English language) He is so excited, and I'm sure somewhat nervous! But we are all excited for him... and it just gives Jon and I an excuse to vacation in about 2 yrs. and make a pit stop to the Dominican Republic where Jon served.

Getting ready to open his call.. just so anxious.

Even got the fist pump! (always a good sign)

Delivering the exciting news!

Just stay away from the weed, water, and the ladies and you'll do just fine..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Is he really old enough?

DJ Tanner (aka Davis) gets his mission call this Wednesday. Crazy that he is really getting ready to go. My guess is that he will be going to Korea..and will speak Korean.. only because he doesn't want to learn a language. Jon thinks that he is on his way to Perugia, Barb is guessing Chicago, Jeff is thinking Brazil or some island, and I'm not even sure McElle knows what a mission is.. : ) I'm pretty sure Barb is going to have a nervous break down.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My husband is better than yours..

Just like every other blog.. I have the best husband in the world too! Yesterday was so much fun spending Valentine's Day together, it was perfect!

Today is the official 6th month marriage mark.. CRAZY! But really.. it has been the best 6 mths ever! I love you honey!

(My first, and probably not my last cheezy I officially belong in the blogging world)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Only a few days away.

So I've decided that VALENTINES DAY is probably the most stressful holiday EVER!!! I think it's technically a girl's holiday to get spoiled.. but us girls still try and come up with the most clever gift for the guy's anyways (even though in most cases they don't really care for the gift you got them or spent hours making them after all is said and done.) Honestly.. what guy wants flowers, or chocolates, or a framed picture, or a cute poem? None of them. It doesn't help that I refuse to get them a "typical" gift.. which consists of a American Apparel hoodie that he already owns in 3 other colors, a cool new razor he saw on an infomercial, or some new supplies that he can use on his next architecture project. So instead I'll just continue to sit here and stress about what I'm going to get him...

Sunday, February 8, 2009


So I saw this on Meg's blog.. and I needed a new post..

Ha.. this picture was taken about 4 yrs. ago, at someone's football game at Barnes Park I'm guessing. Barb loves her Roots sweatshirt.. and that really is a good look for me.

I tag Ash, Heather, and Jodie

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Talk... dun dun dun

So Jon and I are currently teaching/babysitting the nursery, and I knew since that calling was already out of the way it wouldn't be long until we would be asked to speak in sacrament (especially since the newbies of the ward always get attacked right at the get go, which I still don't quite understand).. Next thing I know.. Jon is calling me after my night class and the first thing he says, "So.. Your gonna kill me.." I then begin to think that my husband has burned down the house, or has done something drastic.. but oh no.. he has accepted the invitation for the both of us to speak in church that following Sunday, not to mention for 6-8 min. each. GREAT.... It's not that I am a shy person, or hate speaking in front of a large crowd.. it's just that I get so nervous speaking in sacrament, I always talk way too fast (so normally my talk lasts 2 min MAX), and I always forget what I'm trying to say. Which I TOTALLY did! I most definitely introduced myself with the wrong last name. Lovely. Not to mention the fact that I didn't even realize that I did so, until Jon informed me as he got done speaking. Not embarrassing at all. Hopefully Jon now knows not to volunteer me to speak in church, or I will refuse to claim that I have the same last name as him.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This one is for you Lauren!

So I don't have anything to write about.. but now my blog has been updated..