Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No more days at the pool..

I'm starting my new job tomorrow.
Not gonna lie,
I'm kind of nervous.

Wish me Good Luck!

"The Sun Coast.... In Viva Las Vegas"

This past week I got to tag along with my fam on their trip to Vegas, while Jon was lame and had to stay home and work.

The vacation consisted of lounging by the pool,
people watching (which never gets old),
eating way too much food,
McElle texting 24/7,
teasing Barb every second we got,
crying at My Sister's Keeper,
watching crazy trainers in with the Lions at the MGM,
being grossed out by all the 24 hour foot massage places,
not to mention the creepy old men in the casino's,
and witnessing McElle lick my toe on accident.

Eating at Gonzalez Gonzalez

He struggles.

This was round 7 and we still couldn't get a normal pic.


All day.. everyday..

I'm not really sure about her either..

Dead dog serious? Or America's Next?

Overall it was a classic trip.
I was hoping to come back with a tan,
but of course it was overcast the entire time.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Take me out to the Ball Game..

Our good friends Jordan and Danielle invited us to go to the Bee's game with them last Friday, and I'm not sure we even watched most of the game, but we did enjoy some hot dogs, kettle corn, and listening to the boys interesting conversations..

Jon's Mom, Debbie, was so excited that the San Diego chicken was going to be there..
We soon discovered what in the world she was talking about.

This is what I deal with everyday.

The game wasn't very exciting, and the Bee's ended up losing.
Thanks again for such a fun night.. we will have to go again real soon!

Oh how I live for good design..

Now if only the economy could shape up... I could get back to doing what I absolutely love.

The Little Dudes..

Last Saturday we went to the coolest little train station with our favorite buddies. They sure keep us entertained until we decide to have some of our own (Your still going to have to wait awhile Barb).

Cus loves me the most.. she'll even admit it.. but I think Jon is Fish's biggest fan.. still not quite sure how that one happened.

Swimmin with the Girls.

Now that I have a little more free time this summer..
might as well get some fun in.

Me, Cus, and McElle went to the pool to soak up some sun.

We'll be back.