Saturday, September 27, 2008

Body Worlds

Jon and I went to Body Worlds last weekend, and it was AMAZING! I thought that I was going to be totally grossed out, but the entire exhibit was so fascinating. In a little over an hour, we saw so much stuff! My favorite part of the whole exhibit were the different stages of when a baby is born. It showed each stage, and its crazy how little the baby is when they start to form fingers and toes. It made me appreciate pregnancy and giving birth so much more! (but we will still be waiting a few years, sorry mom..)

I highly recommend that anyone that has time to go, you should most definitely go and check it out! It really was one of the coolest exhibits I have ever been to.

Friday, September 26, 2008

CABO?... yes please

Well hopefully you have not given up on our blog quite yet.. (even though we know we are pretty pathetic at blogging).. but we thought we might as well give it a couple more shots.

We are still waiting to receive our disc of all of our wedding pics, so until then you will just have to continue to patiently wait for them. And since we know that the only reason why most people become blog stalkers is to only look at the pictures of their friends and family and possibly complete strangers.. (ugh creepy..I hope creeps aren't stalking our blog) we have decided to not make you wait any longer, and below we have posted some pics from our Honeymoon.. oo la la..

Debbie and Ed sent Jon and I to Cabo, San Lucas for 5 days. It was such a fun trip, and perfect weather! We ate a lot, chilled at the pool, went to Lover's Beach, most definitely did not snorkel, rented wave runners one day (and Jon almost caused our first fight by almost making us tip). Oh and while on the wave runners, sting ray's were jumping 4' out of the water all around us. It was crazy!

This is the hotel that we stayed in. The first night, we ate at one of their restaurants that was right on the beach, it was so cute!

Don't be mistaken.. that is in fact a pirate ship in our pool.

The beach outside our hotel.

It was so humid.. the lens fogged up.

Hard Rock Cafe
This restaurant had AMAZING salsa!

This seriously was the best trip EVER! I hope we go back soon! Thanks again Debbie and Ed!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Single life.. to married life..

So I don't think we are going to be nominated for the "best bloggers award", since we don't have a new post and scrapbook page everyday.. but that is why you are so intrigued by our blog! This is because you never know what to expect. It could be a couple hours, or months, before you get a new post, and who knows.. it could be the greatest post you have ever read from any blog.. so don't give up on us yet, one of these days you may even get us to post a picture, or our favorite recipe, or a tender poem or something.

Well for now, let me catch you up on what's going on in our lives now that we are married.. Jon is busy with school, he just started up at the U in their architecture program, and I have never seen a program more exhausting than that one. After his second day of class, he already had15 hours of homework (not even exaggerating). He is also working as many hours as possible with an architecture firm downtown, and finishing up the season with his landscaping. Besides Jon having a crazy schedule, I am also busy finishing up with school at LDS Business College doing Interior Design, and working and doing my internship at a design center in South Salt Lake. So pretty much we see each other for a couple hours a day.. welcome to the college students/newlyweds life. Just don't be surprised if the next time you see us, we have grey hair and happens to the best of us.

As you can see we have nothing else to write about at the moment, since school and work has seriously taken over our lives!!! Oh but wait.. I did just look outside the front window while posting this blog.. and it looks like a man shirtless that may resemble a gorilla or something as equally as hairy, was off to do some fine shopping at wal-mart on his rollerblades, with cart in hand (with excellent technique I might add). You've got to love people watching/blogging, such a neat combination.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We so got tagged..

Here goes nothing:

Our Joys:
1. Sundays, because that is the only day we get to just chill together and not have to worry about lame work and school.
2. The Hills, because Jon really wants to become Spencer Pratt, and I just can't get over how much they look alike.
3. Settlers of Catan.. I guess Jon is just into me dominating him and everyone else every time we play.

Our Fears:
1. The lady that lives next door that refuses to move her garbage can for us to be able to park..
2. Our old student ward.. no further comment.
3. Its a tie...
- the creepy doll head that Ash and Lyn put in our microwave... such neat siblings.
- jumping into the ocean and landing on a whale (Jon probably wont agree with this one, but I know he is just as scared as I am)

Our Current Obsessions:
1. Our new fan.. it gets a little stuffy in our basement apt. (it's a nice fan, we're not that ghetto)
2. The architecture program that Jon is currently enrolled in.. it's great! oh wait..
3. Blogging! We have never been more accepted until now.

Surprising Facts:
1. Jon has turned somewhat liberal, and now uses only his bike and trax for transportation.. next step, chacos, flannel shirt, and rolled up jeans.
2. The "Galbraiths" now go by the "Mudrows".
3. We are moving to Beaver.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Wow....I never thought I would be a part of a blog, but as whit said if you are a married couple in utah you have to have a blog, so we joined the cult and set up a blog. I would like to think people will read this because come on, we are pretty least we like to think that we are.

It's my first blog.. so gimme a break

So.. I have officially given in to starting a blog. I thought might as well, since I'm sure people are dying to know what's going on in our lives now that we are married. Ok, so maybe no one will even bother to read this (or even check out our pictures).. but I thought the only way we would fit in and be accepted with the rest of the married couples in Utah, we must have a blog!!!