Saturday, December 27, 2008

It had to have been the COLDEST day in history..

Jon and I went up to Brighton Ski Resort the day after Christmas to do a little snowboarding.. and oh man it was freezing! Brighton had 31 new inches of snow, so the mountain couldn't have been more perfect.. but lets just say we were lucky to have left without any frost bite.

I'm not really sure..

On the way up to the resort.. still warm and toasty..

at this point I couldn't feel any of my limbs.

Some SERIOUS Christmas time bonding with the fam..

and Jon is just busy being a total creep in the corner..

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's an addiction..

I wonder how many colors my hair has been??

and the most recent..

Now I just need a tan : (

If you can even call it a competition..

Ok... so we have started this new tradition to have a timed gingerbread house competition every December. Last year, Jon got lucky and pulled through with a win (but only because his roommate Chad was the judge, and not to mention that mine kept collapsing and I ran out of time, but whatever..) So this year, anyone and everyone gets to choose the winner. (Jon seems to think it's unfair, because only my friends look at our blog, but really mine dominates his)

Left: Jon's humble abode Right: Whit's adorable cottage

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crazy 8's . . . .
Tag from Ash (sorry it's taken us forever!). . . .


The Hills
Pickup Artist (ha ha, seriously though)
Exiled (Ok not really.. Jon hates it!)
Laguna Beach
So You Think You Can Dance
Food Network
Growing Pains?


Cafe Rio'
Noodles and co.
Ruth's Diner
PF Changs
Cheesecake Factory
Paradise Bakery


Jon bugged me in the morning (like every other morning)
Jon and I both had work and school (all that our lives consist of)
Worked on homework at Jon's school (surprising I know)
Made chicken tortillas, while updating our Netflix list
Watched the Hills and listened to Jon snore (sooooo tired)
First Christmas present went under the tree


Mine and Jon's winter semester to be over with (only one semester left!)
Being able to spend more than 2 hours a day with Jon
Dominating the Allsop's in Settlers again
Free time to clean my house
Jon not being business all the time
Davis getting out of his awkward stage
Getting carpet that doesn't shed like a dog
Going snowboarding with Jon sometime this winter


A house
A Mercedes G Wagon
A Jeep Wrangler
A graduated husband
A fully furnished apt (for now)
A wardrobe from Anthropologie
A clean office
Our very own Architecture and Design Firm


Ladd and Meg

Just call me MARTHA STEWART.

After our first date, I bet he never thought he'd be stuck with me a year later..


Who would have thought that MacBook Photo booth would be more entertaining to a 3 year old than Barbies, Dora the Explorer, or teasing her little brother ...

I'm pretty sure I have the cutest (and probably the naughtiest) niece ever..

Monday, October 20, 2008


Jon and I went to Thriller on Saturday, at Kingsbury Hall. AMAZING!! Enough said.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ugly Sweaters Anyone?

Whose sweater is uglier? I think mine wins, since I have the floral sweater and turtleneck combo, plus the gold locket that doesn't even open. Don't forget that basic denim GAP skirt that I'm also rockin.

Happy Birthday Jon!

Yes, I know Jon's birthday was back in August, but being such a great wife that I am, I decided to get him Anberlin (his favorite band of all time) concert tickets. The concert was on October 8th, at the Saltair.. and lets just say it was quite the experience. The entire crowd was a bunch of little punk rockers with their skinny jeans, and greasy black shoulder length hair. While the girls were practically naked, and unfortunately I'm not exaggerating. Lets just say me, Jon, and our two friends, Scott and Steve, fit in quite well.

There for Tomorrow, Scary Kids Scaring Kids (trust me, I wish I were lying about the band name), and Straylight Run were the opening bands. Pretty decent, and entertaining to say the least. I thought the guy on the keyboard from Scary Kids Scaring Kids was going to get a concussion, since I swear he hit his head at least 15 times while dancing. I'm also pretty sure Jon was singing along with Anberlin with his eyes closed and his fist in the air.. (ha ha, ok so I made that up). Overall it was a good concert, and I think a successful birthday gift!

Friday, October 3, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance?

Me, McElle, and Pres went to the "So You Think You Can Dance" tour when they came to SLC. Wow, it was amazing! I love watching incredible dancers like these. McElle and the rest of the crowd was freaking out whenever Gev came onto the stage.. oh McElle. I went to the tour last year with a couple friends in San Diego, and the dancers only continue to get better!

Me and my little sister McElle

McElle and our cousin Pres

Best routine of the Season!


We finally got our wedding pictures, and they turned out awesome! We loved our photographer Melissa Kelsey. If anyone is getting married anytime soon, I highly recommend using her!

Jon and I got married in the Salt Lake Temple on August 15, 2008. There were a lot of people getting married that day, so the temple was a bit crowded. That night we had our reception at Eaglewood Golf Course, and everything turned out perfect! Jamie Bellessa did all of our flowers, (another recommendation I would make) and they were stunning! Everyone was complimenting them all night long. The food was also delicious. We served crepes, chocolate dipped strawberries, and fruit tarts. Surprisingly, the whole day went as planned and was completely stress free!

Thanks again to everyone that helped with the wedding!

Here are some pics from the BEST DAY EVER!!!

Davis and Jon.. just so happy to be brothers!

Just some more brotherly love.

Some models.. ha ha
On the Lion King set

After we realized Jon got a bloody nose.. so disgusting!

Debbie and EdJust being cute.

Just catching up..and lovin it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Body Worlds

Jon and I went to Body Worlds last weekend, and it was AMAZING! I thought that I was going to be totally grossed out, but the entire exhibit was so fascinating. In a little over an hour, we saw so much stuff! My favorite part of the whole exhibit were the different stages of when a baby is born. It showed each stage, and its crazy how little the baby is when they start to form fingers and toes. It made me appreciate pregnancy and giving birth so much more! (but we will still be waiting a few years, sorry mom..)

I highly recommend that anyone that has time to go, you should most definitely go and check it out! It really was one of the coolest exhibits I have ever been to.