Thursday, December 31, 2009

two thousand and nine.

This year has been full of adventures..
24 obsession began.
The Snuggie.
Obama becomes President.
College Graduation.
Started my first Design Job.
Went through 3 different jobs,
and 2 of them not by choice.
Davis left to Jamaica to serve an LDS Mission.
Viva Las Vegas.
2 root canals... unfortunately both in my mouth,
and with no dental insurance.
Jon's not so much Surprise Birthday Party.
1 yr anniversary.
McElle becomes a Viking,
and Barb has never been happier.
Car accident(s).
Loved ones passed.
Jon faces the GRE.
Back to Blonde.
First freelance Design job.
Swine Flu.
McElle left her awkward stage.
In N' Out Burger.
"Family Meeting" results in trip to DLand.
The Hubs applies for Masters,
and survives his second to last undergrad semester.
Time to bring on 2010..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ya Mon, Merry Christmas.

{Christmas Morning}

"Hey Mom.. someone is at the door for you"
Barb: "What? Who?" (with some nervous look on her face)
"Don't worry about it... just get the door"
Barb: "I'm so confused."

Barb opens the door, and this is what's awaiting her on the doorstep..

which resulted in many many tears.
Let's just say our Christmas gift was a hit at the Emery home.

Speaking of our cute little missionary,
Elder Emery just got transferred out of Jamaica to the Bahamas,
and now has to learn Creole.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Grandma & Grandpa Meow surprised us all with a 5 day trip to Disneyland right before Christmas.
We had never been during the Holidays,
but it is for sure the time to go.

The vacation consisted of..
Fish yelling "Paaa..Paaa" at every plane he saw at the airport.
Trying to fit our luggage in our compact cars,
which was quite interesting.
Discovering Christopher, "the elf" in our hotel.
Gorging ourselves at Cheesecake Factory and In N' Out,
2 1/2 days in Dland,
which was totally decked out in holiday decorations.

Fish faking that he was grumpy or falling asleep..
and then after 15 seconds, he would give you a big cheese.

John-A getting soaked on Splash Mountain,
and Cackee wondering why in the crap she decided to go on this ride..

Some quality time with our favorite little buddies..

Cackee even got in on some pin trading..
as did Ed..

A little bit of Space Mountain..

Lots of Lollipops..

Mickey Mouse Ears..

Me acting really strong,
and no one else using there imagination..

Dancing Reindeer..

and over sized Gingerbread Men.

A day at California Adventures.

Notice Jon is missing from this picture.
He's not the biggest fan of the Tower of Terror.
Ok, that's putting it lightly..
he is a total wuss, and refuses to go on it.

good thing he is cute :)

We also spent a day at the Aquarium..

Fish Bug loved it.

Jon got attacked by a bird..

They were a little more gentle with Cass and Fish..

and I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
I get a little anxious when millions of birds are flying around my head.

Ed then tried and convinced me to go Scuba Diving after we saw this fine creature..

It's going to take a lot of bribing to get me to go.

All in all in was such a fun vacation.

Thanks again Debbie and Ed!!
It was the PERFECT Christmas Gift..

She's pretty much a Rockstar..

Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally, It's Done!

I think this is my first official post, I think Whit will be proud of me. Here is my Masters of Architecture Application Portfolio. The Final List of Schools is University of Southern California, UC Berkeley, University of Utah, Harvard, and MIT. It has seriously taken forever. Whit has been a good sport about it, and has been tons of support! Thanks babe, your the best..Thanks for putting up with me through all of this semester! Keep in mind this isn't the final draft, so don't mind the grammar errors people.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jingle Bells.. Batman Smells..

On Wednesday my department went out to lunch and then had a little Wii competition for our monthly team activity. You better believe it was pure entertainment.

Kyle. Kasi. Bill (the manager). Becca.

Traci. Nancy.

Rachelle. Tracy.

Not quite sure what were doing here..
but obviously were Awesome.

Just having a moment.

No one held back for Rock Band.

Just a little "Walking on Sunshine" remix..

Snuggies? Or Pepto Bismal Ad?

I sure do work with the funnest people,
and there most definitely is never a dull moment at work.

Can't wait for our next team activity..
but in the meantime,
I'll enjoy my two week "Mandatory Paid Vacation"

Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Peace. Joy. Deliciousness.


+ a little bit of this..

with just a little more..


...and you thought I couldn't cook.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

growing up WAY TOO FAST..

McElle went to the Christmas Dance last night..
and even though she looked gorgeous,
she still just looks way too old for my liking.

Her hair was a total success..
GO ME :)

Not to mention that she now towers over me..
I guess the heels don't help the situation.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tis the Season..

To party it up with friends..

Enjoy Chocolate Fountains..

Especially with the cinnamon bears,
or Scott's favorite pineapple.

Cheetah Snuggies..

Fabulous Hair Styles..

Cool Glasses..
and Creepy Faces..

Confused Expressions while wives are trying to explain a word during Catch Phrase..

Awesome Sweaters..
and cute babies..

Photo shoots in front of the Christmas Tree..

What a fun night.
Thanks again everyone for coming!!