Friday, May 22, 2009

Fingers Crossed..

Jon applies for his Master's in about 7 mths... and I sure hope we end up here...


So it's possible we may be packing our bags soon..

Sorry Barb.
Just think.. Boston is much closer than Jamaica.

Not following her sister's footsteps ................. what a shame.

I tried convincing her.. but nothing worked. She left cheerleading behind and it looks like this next year my little sister is going to be a Viewmont Vykelle. So I guess I'm suppose to say Congrats or something...

You were quite the cheerleader and sure would have made a cute D'Ette.. but I guess I will still support you. Just don't be surprised when you don't get asked out on one date throughout your highschool days, since everyone will be scared of your father watching your every move. But I guess I'm ok with that.

But really... CONGRATULATIONS.... and who knows.. maybe you'll take the Vykelle's to State.

Just another day at the zoo..

Me: Hmm... I wonder what kind of animal that is?
Cass: It's a Rataku
Me: Ha ha.. a what?
Cass: A RATAKU... (DUH)
Me: Oh........ok..... what's that?
Cass: No actually... It' s a Porcupine.

I'm still not sure what the animal was.. but I don't think it was a Rataku or a Porcupine. It was so much fun going to the zoo with Cass and her preschool. Thanks for the invite Ash.

She is the coolest little buddy I know.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm allowed at least one cheezy post.. right?

This is a husband....
.. and I absolutely adore him