Monday, June 15, 2009

Should it really be this difficult?

Jon and I are looking to move..
and maybe we are just too picky..
but wow.. it's been a pain.
We are just looking for a place to rent for now..
2 bedroom/1+bath,
something not too ghetto,
and NOT a basement.
So.. if you have any suggestions let us know..
We thank you in advance.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let the crying begin..

It's official.. Davis is a missionary, and in about 3 wks he will be off to Jamaica. Our lives are going to be pretty dull over the next 2 yrs. No one for Barb to watch anxiously in the stands (well I guess it would be more like under the bleachers) game after game. No one for good ol' Jeffrey to yell at for being too lazy out on the court. No one to tease McElle to almost tears (I guess I will just have to pick it up over the next little bit). No one for Jon to laugh at when he gets stung by a bee 9 times in one summer. As well as no one for me to laugh with so hard that my nostrils flare.
Even though it will seem like we are staring at a wall for the next couple of yrs.. we couldn't be more proud of you DJ to choose to serve the Lord. Jamaica is going to love you.. and you just better be rockin' some sweet dreads when you get home.

Some of DJ's friends

Father like Son? dad wishes...

Now that seems a little more accurate.

Oh Barb..


You better believe I busted out Charlie's Angels.

Even a little Madonna.. only on special occasions.
Not sure about McElle though.

One of the most sweetest pictures I have ever seen.

It hasn't hit us quite yet..
eyes still open and not swollen shut.. check
no puffy red noses... check
no migraines... check

And then this happened...
Seriously? Could we be any more emotional?
You could have made it a little more easier on us all.

See ya in 2 yrs. buddy.

Even though you made the request over the pulpit at your farewell...
Don't plan on being an uncle when you get home.