Saturday, March 31, 2012


Last October (yes, still trying to get caught up from 6 months ago) I was finally able to go with Jon on one of his school trips, this time to NYC. Neither of us had ever been before, but had been wanting to plan something for quite some time, so the timing worked out perfectly. It was seriously one of the funnest trips we had been on, minus staying in a hostile and having a total creepy man come into our room in the middle of the night. Still trying to block that one out. It also rained/snowed the majority of the trip, but really didn't slow us down much.

We were on the go 24/7, and still didn't get to see everything we wanted over the week that we were there, so we most definitely will be planning a trip to go back real soon. However, we were able to cross off many items of our "to do/gotta see" list. Checked out Times Square (our second hotel we stayed in was right there, which was pretty sweet), drooled over all the amazing architecture (seriously, Jon was in heaven), went to the MOMA and The Met, got to meet with several architects that helped design the towers and the 9/11 memorial, as well as the Director for the Joyce Dance Theater. Jon was also able to get a private (not even open to the general public) tour of the 9/11 memorial. I was pretty bummed I wasn't able to go with him, but luckily he was able to get some pretty neat pictures. Our third hotel's view looked out to the new towers that are being built, as well as the memorial. Pretty surreal.

My highlights of the trip were for sure going and seeing Wicked and eating at Serendipity. I had been wanting to see Wicked on Broadway for quite some time, and it for sure was everything I had hoped for. Serendipity was also delish, and surprisingly we were able to get right in. Oh man, totally craving their frozen hot chocolate right now.

One of Jon's good friends is also in the program with him, so it was fun having his wife and kid come along as well. Nanc is a riot, and Van has to be one of the cutest little buddies.

(view from our third hotel)

Just looking at these pictures make me miss this place. I could totally see myself living in a busy city like NYC.. that is without kids of course. Subways weren't made for strollers.